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Starting again

Venezia 17/7/2018

When we start crawling, then walking, then running and dancing, we often fall before we find our stride again. The stability to stand on our feet, in our body.

The strength, the balances, the fluidity where all the movement, the web of energies are connected. Our body moving in the space.

A space that might exist or not existing at all.

The idea, the feeling that we move is in the depths of our selves.

Whether it is physical or on an ancestral level, we move.

Falling: on the hard floor of earth, and our consciousness, it hurts.

or from the sky of our subconsciousness where our emotions lands, it hurts.

Facing my weaknesses and fears, I stay on the ground.

I cry and face the ghosts of my past; the ghost of the future that doesn’t exist.

The memories, the losses of family and friends and of those I never met.

They all are part of me.

And in my sobbing, I realize that I am here, exactly where I suppose to be, right now.

I take a deep breath.

And then I rise again

Slowly feeling the floor, feeling my emotions, I caress them with care. I thank the earth for supporting me on my falls and holding me there till I could stand up again.

With one hand at the time, one knee at the time, one foot at the time I get up.

Stretching my body, opening my heart, rising my head and my arms to the sky, I roar:

I am back.

Starting again, and with one step after the other, I honor the gift that life gave me:

being here, right now. And I dance.

Bergamo , Malpensata-Circolino 16/7/2018

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